"I first attended a grief yoga workshop with Sue shortly after the death of a family member.  Her gentle, effective approach to yoga resulted in two things.  First was the tangible help she provided in helping me recover from the immediate pain and bewilderment of loss. Second, Sue prompted a sincere interest in me to learn how to understand the dynamics of stress on the human body, and how to counterbalance these destructive symptoms through gentle yoga practices.  Sue is an extraordinary yoga teacher."  BT

"Sue, Your calming words help make relaxing so easy.  Your gentle voice and instructions are easy to follow!  I just want to say THANK YOU for offering yoga each week.  It is touching so many peoples' lives and enriching each one of us!  Thank you for being so special! I look forward to it each week." DG

"I really enjoy attending Sue's classes. I like the gentle and restorative yoga classes I have attended with Sue for the last 2+ years. I notice after every class, I sleep better for several nights. I can be more mindful and present, and am more aware of the areas of tension and areas that need more yoga!  
Sue is calm and soft spoken. She is very aware of each student in the room throughout each class.
Her passion to assist others without judgement, is a gift to all who work with Sue, in all the yoga classes she teaches. " AH

"Sue makes yoga so relaxing with stretching and her soothing voice, you won't realize that an hour has gone by, and you feel so good after. I look forward to it every week." MT

“I have been going to yoga for less than a year. I loved it from the very start.  Sue is a teacher that helped me in so many ways. I didn't realize how much until I went for a dress fitting for my son’s wedding and was told how good my posture was. You see I have osteoporosis quite bad. I realized then I wasn't taking Motrin anymore. I went to my neurologist a few months later. She was surprised how much better my balance was and my test had improved. She asked what I was doing differently. I told her yoga. She was pleased and hoped I would continue.  I also went to regular doctor. He said I had grown taller and a much better posture. I told him it was yoga. He laughed and hoped I would continue; he has known me for over 30 years. He knows me so well. I also told him I wasn't taking Motrin regularly. I'm usually only taking it when I have to miss class or there is a cancellation.  I do feel much better and taking care of my grandchildren (3 yrs  and 10 months old) so much easier.  I try so hard to make Sue's gentle yoga class each week. It has helped me immensely.”  DS

"Taking this weekly yoga class for the past 5 months has made a difference in my physical and mental well-being. It is my 'haven' once a week to stretch and meditate." WG

"I love Sue's yoga class where I learned the benefits of deep breathing and focusing... It calms my mind and eases random fears giving me inner peace and joy. " EV

"I feel so alive!" - an inner city high school boy football player